h. 23 Rimsky-Korsakov Str., the city of Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan

Guard service company “Aktan Security” is a community of professionals that renders a wide scope of high-quality security services in Almaty, Astana, Ust-Kamenogorsk. We specialize in ensuring security for facilities and property. We will undertake the protection of enterprises, warehouses, kindergartens, schools, buildings, offices, plants, recreation centres and any other facilities.

We are notable for the management with background in security apparatus, reliability of full-time qualified specialists, close cooperation with law enforcement agencies, high quality standards, positive feedback from many regular customers, transparent prices, serious approach to recruitment, full scope of services for ensuring security “turnkey”, quick response, professional audits and consultations, attentive attitude to the customers' needs and integrity in execution the undertaken obligations.

Reliability, professional competence, perfect technical equipment – these are the “three pillars”" on which our success is constructed.

Contemporary security is a complex of technical means aimed at detection of threats and its elimination. However, experience demonstrates that even the most expensive electronic systems do not always ensure iron-clad security without a person. In the absence of a guard nearby who can react to the threat urgently, the security shall be considered incomplete.

It will be reliable only in the case of fully-fledged solution involving application of both engineering and physical means. That is why major facilities are as a rule always protected with a guard service, since a person can not only respond promptly to various kinds of violations, but can eliminate them as well. Please contact the “Aktan Security” LLP for arranging the professional guard service.

Arrangement of guard services is one of our activity directions. Contact us, and we will, after a preliminary audit of the facility to be protected, identify the merits and demerits of its security, recruit qualified personnel, execute its training, outline the responsibility scope and conduct other activities corresponding to the set objective.