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Business security service is designed to resolve the issues related to detection, prevention and suppression of unwarrantable interference into business activities of the organization which interests it defends, taking into consideration the internal and external operational environment of the protected facility. It offers a wide range of services for protection against internal and external threats. Expert analysis of threats and elaboration of the strategy to ensure the safety of legal entity business activities; verification of contractor and personnel loyalty; on-line monitoring of protected facilities, analysis of financial and economic activities and risk prevention; private investigation services within the scope of information support for business projects; investigation of corporate crimes; arrangement and execution of anti-intelligence and other special security activities.


Prices offered by the body-guard service for protection of a person

Services Payment per hour Payment per day Payment per month
Armed escort of a person (line of duty schedule - not exceeding 50 hours per week) 6 000 tenge   350 000 tenge*
Protection of a person (line of duty schedule - not exceeding 50 hours per week) 8 000 tenge   600 000 tenge*
Protection of a person (protection is executed by three employees of the security service in shifts) 10 000 tenge 80 000 tenge 900 000 tenge**

*Hourly calculation is submitted for one employee of the security service in a shift.

**The service cost includes: operational support, preparatory and scheduled security activities.