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Security service resolves the problem related to protection of legal entities and individuals, protection of property, tangible assets, etc. Its objective involves arrangement and execution of standing guard at facilities related to any complexity categories, protection of events, personnel, management of customer organizations, protection of not equipped facilities with provision of mobile post mounted on a special vehicle, as well as execution of counter-sabotage activities, monitoring the compliance with the access checkpoint, the operation of technical means of protection, video inspection and other equipment. 


The service cost for a fixed facility protection

Facility security arrangement  Conditions Payment for a post per hour Payment for a post per day Payment for a post per month
Around the clock 1 person/post starting from 530 Tg. starting from 12 700 Tg. starting from 380 000 Tg.*

Around the clock (post is armed with fire weapons).

1 person/post (one unit of service weapon)

starting from 580 Tg. starting from 14,000 Tg. starting from 420,000 Tg.*

Around the clock (post is equipped with alarm system).

1 person/post

starting from 550 Tg. starting from 13 000 Tg. starting from 360,000 Tg.*

Night time (15 hours), weekends - around the clock.

1 person/post

starting from 600 Tg.   starting from 270,000 Tg.*

Daily (up to 12 hours per day).

1 person/post

750 Tg. 10,000 Tg. starting from 220,000 Tg.*

* All prices include VAT - 12%.

* The post cost is determined by the facility complexity category.