h. 7 Shkolnaya Str., Shokpar station, Zhambyl region, Republic of Kazakhstan

“SHOKPAR TAS AT” LLP is a quarry for recovery of barren minerals from hard rocks and production of inert materials located at the station of Shokpar in Shu district, Zhambyl region. Management of “SHOKPAR TAS AT” LLP offers for your consideration the price quotation for crushed ballast sale for the station of Shokpar, approaching line No. 14

All manufactured products are certified.

Provisions of delivery:

  • Seller shall dispatch the above mentioned products by batches from stub track No. 14 of the station of Shokpar, at the Customer's request.
  • All transportation costs related to railcar spotting and vehicle supply for loading on the stub track No. 14 of the station of Shokpar, shall be for the Customer's account.
  • Transportation by road shall be executed as Customer pick up.
  • Prepayment - 100%.